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In the beginning it was only the sound of hammer and anvil. Metal hitting metal.
In the mid 1800s the copper smith Nicola Bruno moved from Lauria Superiore, Basilicata, to Sardinia. Besides copper, he worked tin, too; hence in Orani he was called Tziu Nicola the tinker. His job was to make and mend metal household utensils for his fellow villagers and for the ones of the neighbouring villages.
His son, Vittorio (1915-), carried on his father’s work, introducing a few innovations and planning the whole family business with his brothers, Umberto and Domenico. In 1953, when he moved to Nuoro, Tziu Vittorio started his own business with his sons, Tonino, Alfredo, Franco and Bruno. He optimized the production process and cleverly reorganized the metal working business.
Later, his son Tonino started his personal search for new techniques and decorations (damascening, burnishing, polychrome decorations) sharing his know-how in his teaching experience and participating to various group exhibitions of applied art.
Tonino Bruno has now established with his sons, Vittorio and Andrea, their metalwork business specialized in wrought-iron, copper, brass and steel decorative and artistic products.
After his degree at the Polytechnic, in Milan, Vittorio has brought to the business his know-how, giving start to an innovative project plan which merges the “Project Culture” and the recovery of craftsmanship, in total respect for family tradition.
Andrea, a Brera Fine Arts Academy degree holder, has strengthened the family business organization and has improved communication strategies.
Vittorio and Andrea combine the Bruno family know-how with the experiences and abilities of present-day handicraft and design, in the continuous search for beauty, quality and creativity.

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